On Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to give my boyfriend an actual gift that we could use together. So I went on Pinterest and tah-dahhhh! I found the most perfect game ever, LOVOPOLY! I decided to spell it like LOVEPOLY but honestly I spelled it wrong so I just left it 😀 . It is like Monopoly but you personalize to fit you and your partner. It was a website where you could go to in order to order it and get them to make it. I decided to make it handmade because my boyfriend loves when I make handmade gifts.

**This project was fairly easy to do, however, it requires lots of planning and has time consuming steps, such as cutting!**


Board Information: I tried to make the board using 4 pieces of white card stock paper and gluing it together but it looked so tacky! SO I used Microsoft Publisher and created a 24 x 24 monopoly board. I made my 4 corner pieces 3 x 3. On each row, I made 9 smaller boxes for the properties to go and this measured at about 3 x 2. It took only 10 minutes at most to do. I sent it to FedEx for printing and it only cost me $7. I included the board as a PDF.

Kendalyn Board


Materials Needed:

Card Stock Paper

Computer, Printer, & Ink (This is a bundle deal haha)

8 different Marker Colors

Black Sharpie Marker

Elmer’s Glue Stick



***Make sure you pull up a Monopoly Board on the computer for referencing***

Step 1: Print out Board from Fedex

Step 2: Property Cards.This is probably the hardest and most time consuming step. The isIMG_0260 also where the personalization comes in. You need 8 different sets of topics in order to match the properties. Or you can pick 22 different important things or places that pertain to you and your partner. I found topics to be easier because it kept a theme going. For example, we love eating at our top 3 restaurants all the time Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden and Razzoo’s Cajun Cafe. Another example is that for Boardwalk and Park Place, I used 2 expensive trips that we would like to go in the Future, Dubai and Tokyo. Make Sure that you color code the properties to match the board.


Step 3: Utility Cards, Community Chest and Chance Cards. These were also very personalized for us.I used Hulu and Crunchyroll for our Utility Cards because we love those 2 TV streaming  services. For Chance, I used Get Lucky (four leaf clover symbol) and for community chest, Family Jewels (chest for of jewels symbol). These cards were personalized with our lives, such as Gym membership pay $20.

Step 4: What about the Railroads? Since no one uses railroads anymore I decided to switch it up. My boyfriend has never flown and he is a little worried about doing so, therefore, I used airlines opposed to railroads. This is a fear I want to help him break 🙂

**I made my cards via Microsoft Word and mimicking Monopoly cards as best as I could.I know its easier said than done, so I included my word document.** 

Monopoly Cards For Blog

Step 5: Print everything out on your card stock paper. So much thick Yardstick!


Step 6: Monopoly Money. I googled searched Monopoly Money and printed out a template on plain white copy paper. I printed 40-$1 bills,40-$5 bills, 40-$10 bills, 50-$20 bills, 30-$50 bills, 30-$200 bills, and 30-$500 bills.

Step 7: So much cutting and paper. Phone a friend for help as I did 🙂 My Grandmother Loves helping with my crafts

Step 8: Color the board and make sure that you color coordinate with the properties.

Step 9: Label the board with the properties and print out symbols for the airline and utility cards for the board. Glue them on with regular Elmer’s glue stick. boardcolored

Step 10: Corner Pieces. For the GO Corner, I named it home but kept it as the same properties. For the JAIL CELL/JUST VISITING, I made it Stuck in Traffic/All Clear. This was a homage to my boyfriend because every time he is late to something, he claims that he was stuck in some kind of traffic! For the GO TO JAIL Corner, I made it a Road Block Orange Cone just for the traffic. Hahaha 😀 For the Free Parking, I made it a Palm Tree on an island and labeled it Vacation. I did this because we desperately NEED A VACATION. So this was a reminder for him. 😀

Step 11: Buy 2 board pieces that represent you and your partner. I love makeup so I bought a Vanity set. My boyfriend wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle, so that is what I got him; his Very Own Motorcycle. Also I just bought houses and hotels from Ebay for only $3!

Step 12: (optional) I bought a shadow box from Michael’s Arts and Supplies. I had a 40% off  coupon and they were doing a sell on the shadow boxes. I only paid $8!!!


This was the best gift that I have ever done! It was so time consuming and included so much planning and personalization. It was so fun! It is a lot of fun but my boyfriend really enjoyed it!

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